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Another Link to Improving the Working Environment in Acute Care Hospitals: Registered Nurses’ Spirit at Work     

Ann-Marie Urban and Joan Wagner


Knowledge Gaps Regarding APN Roles: What Hospital Decision-Makers Tell Us     

Nancy Carter, Maureen Dobbins, Sandra Ireland, Heather Hoxby, Gladys Peachey and Alba DiCenso


Investing in Nursing Research in Practice Settings: A Blueprint for Building Capacity     

Lianne Jeffs, Orla Smith, Susan Beswick, Maria Maoine and Ella Ferris


Bridging Research and Practice through the Nursing Research Facilitator Program in British Columbia     

Katrina Plamondon, Charlene Ronquillo, Linda Axen, Agnes Black, Lynn Cummings and Bubli Chakraborty


Is There Unity in An Image?

Lynn Nagle




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